30sec - Rate A (1-31) $12/u
 30sec - Rate B (31+) $10/u
 60sec - Rate A (1-31) $17/u
 60sec - Rate B (1-31) $13/u
 15sec - BB Rate A (1-31) $12/u
 15sec - BB Rate B (31+) $10/u
 OTHER - 30 package deal
 OTHER - 60 package deal
 Mon-Fri - 6a-10p (random)
 Mon-Sun - 6a-10p (random)
 Sat-Sun - 6a-10p
 Special: Mon/Wed/Fri
 Special: Mon/Tue/Wed
 Special: Thu/Fri/Sat
 OTHER: Explain:
 Credit Card
 Bank Check
 OTHER/NET(pre-approve required)
 Yes/No Requires Tag

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