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Posted by Boomer | December 27, 2017

Welcome to WOAP Online Public File Repository. We are creating the online version and hope to have it fully available soon.

*** NOTE: Any file entries older than the last few years may be excluded from the online repository. To access those files, you will need to contact WOAP offices and visit the studios during regular business hours. ***

The Public and Broadcasting

You can obtain a hard copy of The Public and Broadcasting by calling the FCC toll-free at 1-888-225-5322 (1-888-CALL FCC).  This document can also be found on the Commission’s website at The Public and Broadcasting (July 2008), and as a PDF with updated links Opens a New Window.


Ownership Reports

Copies of ownership reports and supplemental ownership reports filed with the FCC, including all exhibits, letters and other documents associated with these filings.

Form 323 Birach 12-2015.pdf189.29 KB2017-12-27 18:29:57
Ownership Reports.rtf371 B2017-12-27 17:51:32

Station Authorization

A copy of the current FCC authorization to construct or operate the station, along with any other documents necessary to reflect any modifications or any conditions placed on the authorization.

1495557 Consent to assignment 2015.pdf24.08 KB2017-12-27 18:30:50
1687529 FM-W276CZ LICENSE TO COVER WOAP.pdf27.63 KB2017-12-27 19:01:58
Station Authorization.rtf403 B2017-12-27 17:51:38
w2176cz Authorizarion Letter 10-24-15 page 1 of 3.jpg2.04 MB2018-01-16 10:40:30
w2176cz Authorizarion Letter 10-24-15 page 2 of 3.jpg1.83 MB2018-01-16 10:40:16
w2176cz Authorizarion Letter 10-24-15 page 3 of 3.jpg1.75 MB2018-01-16 10:40:30
WOAP LIC RENEWAL AUTH 4-19-15.jpg1.44 MB2018-01-16 10:40:13

Contact from Public

All written comments and suggestions from the public regarding station operation, unless the writer asks that the letter not be made public or the licensee excludes the letter due to the nature of its content (e.g., if it is defamatory or obscene).

Contact from Public.rtf456 B2017-12-27 17:50:37
LFP - LARRY PG1 11-2016.jpg2.29 MB2018-01-16 10:40:46
LFP - LARRY PG2 2 11-2016.jpg1.57 MB2018-01-16 10:40:44


Contracts listed in the latest ownership report or an up-to-date list of such contracts. The types of contracts covered under this section include network affiliation agreements for stations, agreements affecting the station’s ownership

Contracts.rtf452 B2017-12-27 17:50:54

FCC Applications/Other Filings

Copies of all applications, exhibits, letters, initial and final decisions in hearing cases, and other documents pertaining to the station that were filed with the FCC and are available for public inspection at the FCC.

1495557 Consent Aissgnment 2015.pdf24.08 KB2017-12-27 18:41:36
1496739 RENEWAL 2015.pdf13.39 KB2017-12-27 18:34:56
Consumation Notice 2016.pdf109.22 KB2017-12-27 18:32:35
Extension of Consumation.pdf108.69 KB2017-12-27 18:32:36
FCC 303-S Application 2012.pdf135.44 KB2017-12-27 18:41:22
FCC 314 App for Consent to Assignment License 2015.pdf157.39 KB2017-12-27 18:37:02
FCC Applications-Other Filings.rtf438 B2017-12-27 17:51:11

Contour Maps

Copy of the station’s service contour map as filed in any application submitted to the FCC, together with any other information filed with the FCC showing service contours and/or main studio and transmitter location.

Contour Maps.rtf424 B2017-12-27 17:50:48
W276CZ_FM_LU.gif22.5 KB2017-12-27 19:07:37
WOAP_AM_LD.gif40.41 KB2017-12-27 15:02:47

Political Broadcasting

Requests for broadcast time made by or on behalf of candidates for public office, showing the disposition of such requests and the charges made, if any, if the request was granted.

Political Broadcasting.rtf391 B2017-12-27 17:51:35

EEO Records

Annual Equal Opportunity Employment (EEO). EEO Program Report (FCC Form 396). Mid-Term Report (FCC Form 397)

EEO Records.rtf308 B2017-12-27 17:51:04

Investigative Material

Material having a substantial bearing on a matter that is the subject of an FCC investigation or a complaint to the FCC of which the licensee has been advised.

Investigative Material.rtf370 B2017-12-27 17:51:17

Issues-Programs List

A list of programs that have provided the station's most significant treatment of community issues during the preceding calendar quarter, placed in the file by the tenth day of the next calendar quarter, including a brief narrative describing the relevant

Issues-Programs List.rtf465 B2017-12-27 17:51:20

Local Public Notice Announcements/PSA

A statement certifying compliance with the local public notice requirements, placed into the file within seven days of the last day of broadcast of such announcement.

Local Public Notice Announcements-PSA.rtf392 B2017-12-27 17:51:29
PSA LIST 9-27-17.jpg1.83 MB2018-01-16 10:40:00
PSA LIST 11-6-17.jpg1.79 MB2018-01-16 10:40:01
PSA LIST 11-21-17.jpg1.62 MB2018-01-16 10:39:45
PSA LIST 12-10-17.jpg1.75 MB2018-01-16 10:39:47
WHAT UP SHIAWASSEE 01-15-18.docx14.58 KB2018-01-16 10:40:01

Time Brokerage Agreements or LMAs

Any time brokerage agreements or local market agreements (LMAs) affecting the station, including agreements for the station’s licensee to broker time on another station. Confidential or propriety information may be redacted from the agreement in PFile

Time Brokerage Agreements or LMAs.rtf480 B2017-12-27 17:51:49

Joint Sales Agreements

Agreements for the joint sale of advertising time concerning the station. Confidential or propriety information may be redacted from the agreement in the PFile.

Joint Sales Agreements.rtf371 B2017-12-27 17:51:23