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Raised with his brothers and sisters in a barn near Kalamazoo, MI.  Boomer adventured out into the world at the age of 14 where he got his first radio gig; weekends on WQXC FM in Otsego, MI. From there, Boomer has hopped trains around the great lakes to different markets. While meeting some interesting people along the way, Boomer preferred to small town over the larger over populated areas. It's a lot easier to run naked and let the Chewbacca hair flow, in the wind, [living] in a rural area. 

For many years, Boomer has been hosting B.S In the Morning on WOAP AM, and now FM.

"Never let others tell you that you can't do anything. You can do what ever you set your mind to do.. That's why I'm a unicorn." - Boomer