Mornings - B.S in the Morning
10a - 2p -  Midday Mistress, Sue Collins
2p - 6p -    Smash
6p - 8p -    Spartan Nation Radio (Hondo Carpenter)
8p- 12a -   Justin "Juicy" Allen
8p - 12a -  Friday Night with The Waterboy
Overnight - Booker

Saturday 12a- 3a -   Dirty O Show
Saturday  6a- 9a    -  "O" ldies 50's,  60's (Big 1080)
Saturday  9a-10a  -  Old Country Polka
Saturday  10a- 2p -  Interns Toy & Able
Saturday  2p-7p    -  Waterboy

Sunday    6a- 10a  -   "O" ldies 50's,  60's (Big 1080)
Sunday   10a- 11a -   Storefront Church
Sunday   11a- 3p   -   Classic Countdown w/ Dick Bartley
Sunday   3p- 9p     -   Waterboy
Sunday   9p- 12a   -   Dirty O Show