Shiawassee Township Meeting About New Hall, Library and Firestation.

Tonight showed some tense moments as both Sepka and Perrin Builders presented their proposals to the Shiawassee Township Boardmeeting held tonight at 7 pm. Both builders provided their plans for the Shiawassee Township Hall, library, and firestation by answering questions from the Board and the concerned residents in attendance.  

Of Considerable concern from former Township Supervisor, Anthony Karhoff was that the upstairs was ADA compliant considering the need for a USDA loan and the cost involved. The Township can afford around 1.3 Million with extra cushioning to compensate up to 1.8 if necessary.  

The question was raised to the Perrin’s of changing the building to a Steel building instead of a traditional 

build.  They said that it was easily possible for about the same amount of money, however they felt the township would be unhappy with the result and the unsatisfying aesthetic value it would leave.  

Ultimately, the fate of the Township Hall, Library, and Fire Station rest in the hands of our elected officials, Lets give them our two cents of advice and then trust them to make the best decision they can.

Daniel Sweeney, WOAP News