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CSC Charge in Owosso

4/20/17 11:00 am  Shiawassee County District Court   Judge Clarkson.  

Glenn Allen Toppings Jr.

Is Charged with CSC 1St.  Degree w/ Digital Penetration against a 5 year old girl.

His Pre Exam Conference Is Scheduled for 5/3/17 8:15 am.

The Preliminary Exam is Set for 5/9//17 2:00 pm

Bond is Set at $50,000 Cash or Surety, Which Means you can pay $50,000 Cash or hire a Bail Bond Company and Pay Them $5,000.  Which you will never get back and you will be on the hook for the whole $50,000 if they don’t go to court. So Trust is Important.