Job Announcement Program 2021

Introducing the Job Announcement Program; a community centered program to help fill
job positions for our area businesses following the Covid-19 pandemic. This program is
available to local area businesses that are in need of hiring employees within their
company to meet demands and continued operations.

WOAP is allowing up to 15 seconds per business to solicit for workers. If your business
has more listings than can fit in the allotted time; we will accept up to two (2) scripts,
each being 15 seconds in length, to rotate.

– These announcements will be produced by WOAP and
will air in conjunction with other business announcements.
– Open to all local businesses and local non-profits.
– There is no guarantee on how many times your announcement
will air or the time they are scheduled.
– We will also use the copy points to post the positions on our digital platforms.
– There is NO COST or contractual requirement for this announcement program.
– When the position is filled; you may issue a stop at any time by contacting us.
– No Staffing Companies. Staffing & Talent agencies/businesses are not eligible
for this program. Contact us for the appropriate staffing business plan.
– No Guarantee of acceptance of your submission.
– All submissions are screened and approved if they qualify per conditions.

We hope that this program will help you in your situation.